Common Questions

How do I rent the vehicle I want?
Provided that you know where you want to go and for how long, one of our customer service representatives will provide you with a quote. (Please have your itinerary available to receive an accurate quote.) All reservations require a deposit and a signed, written contract returned to White Knight Limousine & Coach.  For motor coach service the deposit is 25% of the total cost. For limousines, sedans and trolleys the deposit is typically $200.00.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicles?
No. Smoking is never allowed in any White Knight Vehicle. If you or someone in your group would like to smoke our drivers are happy to accommodate a stop for a smoke break.

Can I rent a vehicle without a driver?
No. We established thorough pre-employment safety & securing screenings to protect our passengers and other folks on the road. All of our vehicles require a White Knight Driver.

Can I look at the vehicle I would like to rent?
Absolutely. Please call ahead to make an appointment to ensure that the vehicle will be here.

Can we bring food into the vehicle?
White Knight does allow small meals and snacks in the vehicles (chips, sandwiches, etc.). Items not to be brought on board are heavy or messy meals or snacks such as mashed potatoes & gravy, Chinese food, barbeque, anything with likelihood of spilling.

Are drinks allowed?
Yes, drinks are allowed as long as they are plastic bottles with a twist top. A separate fee is required for alcohol on the vehicles.

What type of amenities do the vehicles have?
All of our seated motor coaches are equipped with a restroom, DVD/CD, WiFi, comfortable seating and storage space. Much of our fleet also features satellite t.v. and a microphone if you are a group leader or tour operator. Heating and Air Conditioning are standard. Each coach does kneel for easy loading and unloading of passengers, but we do have ADA coaches as well. If you require a coach with a wheel chair lift, satellite or other special feature please mention this to your sales representative.

White Knight entertainer coaches are all equipped differently. They all have DVD and CD, surround sound stereo, flat screen TVs, 12 sleeping bunks, front and back lounge with flat screen TV, fridge, freezer, running hot and cold water and microwave. Each does have a restroom and depending on the model, a shower. If you have a special need, please ask our customer service agent know and we will try to accommodate you!

All limousines feature a privacy parition between you and the chauffeur, glass ware for use, cooler wells, fun lighting and CD player. 

Do you sell individual bus tickets?
No. White Knight does not sell tickets for individual transportation.

Is driver gratuity included in the cost?
For motor coach service we do not apply an automatic gratuity; however, if you wish to extend gratuity to the driver you are welcome to do so. Industry standard is anywhere from $1 - $3 per person that is on the bus, per day that the bus is out. If you are adding gratuity, we encourage you to extend the gratuity directly to the driver at the end of your trip, but if you would like to pre-pay one with the rest of your trip cost we can accommodate that as well. 

For limousine, sedan and trolley service we apply a 20% service fee to the hourly total, but if you want to extend an extra thank you for a job well-done or a particularly wild night you may do so.

Is the group responsible for the driver's meals and lodging?
Unless special arrangements have been made, the group is responsible for the driver's lodging. The group is not responsible for the driver's meals; however, many groups include the driver in their meal plans and provide the driver with meals. Drivers are certainly appreciative of this, but they do not expect it.

Do you travel to Mexico and Canada?
White Knight does travel to Canada but not to Mexico.

What locations do you serve?
White Knight will serve any area, but starting locations are in the Columbia, Springfield and St. Louis areas.

Do I pay the parking and tolls charges on my trip?
Yes, the group is responsible for all parking and toll charges. We can estimate the cost and add it into your total trip cost.

Do you have ADA vehicles?
Yes, White Knight does have a wheelchair accessible coach. It will accomadate two wheelchairs at once. The coach will seat 48 people, plus two wheel chairs.

Do you have satellite TV and WiFi on your vehicles?
Yes, some of our buses do have satellite TV, WiFi and PowerPoint hookups. Please let us know what type of audio visual you will need. 

If there is a need or special request, please let us know!